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   Amaterasu is a dual spirit Zanpakutou belonging to the current Kido Chief, Masako Moro. The two halves in spirit form are depicted as two wolves- one with black fur and one with white fur, both with red eyes.
Amaterasu represents duality. Sometimes at peace, and other times in conflict. It is a representation of a torn soul, at times wanting to do what's best, instead of what is easy. Like two sides of a coin, it can be difficult to predict which one will rear its head. One is more dangerous than the other.

  The white half Yang represents the will of the heart. It represents understanding and compassion, it is the much calmer of the two sides.
This spirit wants to live in the warmth of family and friends, it gains its strength when it has something precious to protect. It is the happy heart of a loved person.

  The black half Yin represents the will of the ego. It represents unspoken desire, and it represents the thirst for power. This spirit lives in the shadows. Masked by a happy face and a kind smile, it is often in conflict with its counterpart. Longing to surface to the light, it will often times terrorize its owner into submission, willing for her to make it stronger. Increase the greed, the power thirst, and the desire to be stronger than all others.

  The two halves are often in competition with one another. Each one wanting their share in the spotlight, and each one wants to grow stronger in its own right. Which half wins, is usually dependent on which half Masako is willing to 'feed'. If she were to succumb to the black half, she would grow power hungry and have a desire to defeat any and all opponents at whatever cost necessary, for example. Her inner world is constantly shifting between day and night- and in a rare instance when both halves are in perfect balance- the sky will be split between night and day in her world.

Shikai Command: Hitei, Amaterasu [Negate, The Heavenly Illumination]

Yang's Abilities

Tenpaku no Ryouken [Heavenly Wolf Pack]:

  From the use of pure energy, Masako is able to create bursts of Reiatsu in the form of wolves. They glow with a very bright white-blue hue and seem to give off the sounds of crackling lightning as they are born into the world for a short period of time. They usually number in packs of three, up to five. If they are exceptionally large and have a great deal of energy, then there will likely only be one or two.

  These wolves will obey her every command- their size is determined by how much Reiatsu she is willing to invest in them. They could be as small as the size of a normal wolf, or larger than a house. They can dissociate their reishi particles and travel at speeds close to that of light, and reform when needed if they are chasing something.

  The wolves bite feels like a jolt of electricity shocking the user. In some instances it can cause paralysis, and if Masako is giving them enough power they can channel its entire being into the opponent and render their heart completely overloaded by energy. This is an extreme case and has rarely happened, as she would need to expend a great deal of energy to do this. More to the point, this would likely not result in death in anyone Captain Class or above- or even Espada level for that matter. They would however experience a great deal of pain.
However weaker opponents will likely die of electric shock. Heart failure and extreme damage to skin tissues will be the main cause of death.

Another thing to add is that with the sound of crackling lightning, and due to their very bright, almost blinding appearance, they are very distracting as well. The loud noise combined with the flashing lights makes for a perfect distraction.

Hirai No Tsume [Lightning Claw]:

  Similar to Tenpaku no Ryouken, Raiba will take on the appearance and sound of cracking lightning. This attack is due to Masako splicing air at incredibly high speeds and creating fissures in which lightning appears between the cracks. They seem to have the shape of a claw.
Small Hirai's can be launched in quick succession, making for a fierce offensive strike attack that can become incredibly destructive when timed appropriately. Larger, more powerful ones will tend to be delivered a bit slower, but pack a very deadly punch.

Yin's Abilities

Kurai San'Itsu [Dark Dissipation]:

  Kurai San'Itsu is an avoidance technique. While Yang is primarily offensive, Yin is more concerned with foul play as is the nature of the spirit itself.

  This ability allows, like the name suggests, Masako to dissipate her being temporarily into the 'shadows' of anything made of Reishi. Any building, or tree, or what have you that is comprised of spirit particles. I say 'shadows' because shadows do not need to be present in order for this technique to work- it is merely referring to the fact that she becomes as a shadow and cannot be harmed. This state will make her impervious to Kido, Bakudo, and any type of physical attack. In this state, she cannot be harmed by anything as she has, in a sense, hidden her being quite completely. Her reiatsu signature drops sharply, almost to zero, and she becomes much harder to sense even to the most attuned of fighters. However on that note, she cannot attack either. In order to make an attack she has to reform her body back to its original state, and thereby leaving her once again vulnerable.

There is a catch, whatever she is hiding in has to be made of reishi particles. This means she can 'hide' anywhere in Hueco Mundo and Soul Society, but not the human world since there is not enough Reishi to allow this technique to happen.

Kage No Hikkitsugi [Shadow Puppet Takeover]:

  Kage No Hikkitsugi is a variation on Kurai San'Itsu. However unlike the previous technique, this one does actually require the presence of a shadow. In this technique, Masako can actually hide inside the shadow of her opponent. Another variant on foul play. As she is merged with the shadow, the opponent generally starts feeling incredibly uneasy. Sometimes a feeling of numbness takes over, or they start hearing strange echoes in their head. This is actually dark Yin at work. Yin thrives where darkness survives best, and so he begins a bit of a mind game with the opponent while Masako is safe inside their shadow. The effects of Kage No Hikkitsugi depend on the opponent. Captain class and above generally just feel a really weird sensation creep inside their heads, while weaker opponents may begin to even hallucinate or become dazed as a result of Yin toying with them.
  The temporary distraction at hand allows Masako the opportunity to strike. She reforms her body out of the shadow and seems to appear behind the opponent. With this, she can strike from behind.


Bankai Release Command: Doujiru, Amaterasu No Danketsu [Allow, Unity of Heavenly Illumination]

Bankai Appearance:

  In Bankai, Masako's appearance changes. The sleeves off of her Haori and Shihakushou are burned off and seem to disintegrate into nothing. She is left in her white under shirt, which was specially made to resist the burning of her clothes after her Bankai was achieved (It was made by the Twelfth Division on her request).

  With her arms bare, the claws that initially formed in Shikai grow larger and more ornate in their design. There is a 'tail' that follows each claw behind Masako, where a glowing sphere of light seems to shine behind it. The lights crackle and look like orbs of pure energy. They are like counters. The larger the orbs are, the more energy Masako has to spare for her Bankai. The smaller they are, the less energy she has. If the orbs disappear altogether, it means she's used up all of her life force and this is a sign that she will die.

  Strange fang marks seem to be littering her skin, almost like fluorescent tattoo's. They are on her arms, on her cheeks, and two on the sides that curve around her stomach.

Bankai Abilities:


I'm still working on her Bankai's actual abilities. I have a rough idea of what it's going to do, but nothing concrete that I can hold anything to until I'm able to draw it myself. Apologies :iconarigatouplz:

I will be drawing a complete reference sheet myself for her Bankai appearance, and with it her Bankai abilities will also be included, as well as an update to this sheet.

Masako and Amaterasu are copyright of me. All images used that were not drawn by myself are copyrighted to the original artists that drew them. Please do not alter, copy, edit, repost, or deface these works in any way.
This is an incomplete sheet. I will update this with her Bankai information as soon as I know it myself. I'm not going to rush and give her random powers willy nilly just to get something out. I've re-designed her Bankai a few times in efforts of making it more suitable to her.

However you do have a complete description of her shikai abilities. As most of you know, she can only use one half of the Zanpakutou at all times. It takes a few minutes if she wants to switch from one ability to the other.

Yeah. Didn't want to make my character OP by letting her use all four abilities whenever the hell she wants. Fuck me, right? 
Woops, put some limitations on her powers! :iconteheplz:

This is one thing you have to realize about Masako. She never ever charges into a fight using her Shikai first. She uses Kido, and Hakuda, and sometimes even Zanjutsu to gage the opponent first. And later in the fight will decide, 'is it more appropriate to attack, or to defend'?

And that's that.

So for everyone wondering on the big mystery behind Amaterasu's shikai powers, here is the complete set.

Good night, and thanks for reading.

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TheZero759 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
That's pretty good, defiantly one of the best FanMade Zanpakutous I've seen in a long time.  
rei-kiri Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks ^^
LadyoftheSeireitei Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Good on you, chica~ You gotta do what's best for your character in the end, not what seems "coolest" or most "bad-ass" :nod: That OP factor becomes very tricky, when planning for Bankai... Some characters never seem to develop past it ;D

There's a lot of thought into what you've got for Masako's Shikai; I deftly appreciate that there's a switching factor. Seems more realistic/believable, since it'd be overwhelming to juggle both conflicting constituents at once :P
rei-kiri Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, in the end that's what we all should be doing :nod: Being the coolest or the bad ass-est doesn't necessarily mean you have a good character x'D It's the more rounded out ones that tend to stand out.
Yeah it does- I'm going to try and stay away from it as much as I can xD Hehe ....I have to agree with that *nod*

I've been working on this Zanpakutou for so long x'D 
It's been like 3 years since I've made Masako so I've had a lot of time to plan it out. 

Yeah. Besides being able to use all four abilities at once would pretty much make her invincible and waaaaay too Op xD
LadyoftheSeireitei Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I like the releases that are well thought out and planned~~~ The more explosive/powerful/volatile a Bankai is, the less interest I seem to have in it xDDD

So much thought invested!! It's better to take time with planning :nod: As long as I've had Aurora, the specs to her Bankai has changed bit by bit... Something which I strive to be well-rounded, rather than overwhelming ^////^ Hers has a limited usage hindrance (only one component at once) because... yeah... too much at once goes way beyond the realm of reality :lmao:
AtticusRez Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014
ohh its somewhat similiar to my RaitoKurai or Meian <(true name) video on youtube about it. Zanpaktou Contest RESULTS!! (Part 3) Atticus Rez towards the end there was a typo in bnakai name :( its suppose to be Meian shōkyo tenshi (light dark erasing angel) not earsing angel :(.  Hoping to get my character done on here and make his profile :(
rei-kiri Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh. I've never seen that or heard of it o.o

Good luck with that.
AtticusRez Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014
lol ty but it already ended i won :) i forgot how many entrees there was but mine beat them all muahaha xD
AtticusRez Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014
and i messed up Bankai lol oh god lol^^
KirasDarkLight Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Very beautiful RaD. You've got some nice ideas here and a good limitation on what can and cannot happen. No wishy washy nonsense about not knowing exactly how the ability works. :la:
I look forward to her bankai.
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